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What are the best Russian mail order bride websites

There are a lot of dating sites over there and many of them offer something that is not happening in reality – finding personal happiness. But today we are going to highlight 5 best dating sites, which have made thousands of men all over the world find beautiful ladies online and marry them. We also are going to consider, what advantages Russian brides have (in order to understand why thousands of men abroad (including ones from wealthy countries) choose profiles of Russian women to be wives and to take care of them). 

What actions to do to find a Russian wife

In the world of the all-expanding digital area, it is naive to think that it is possible to have as many options for finding hot Russian women offline as online. Specialized sites and social media make it possible to search based on many criteria, which is impossible to do offline. When you meet someone offline, you don’t know anything about this person beforehand. While making searches online, you can apply filters and to be sure, that any of the found persons corresponds to your initial desire of:

When you know these initial prerequisites, you can get rid of a huge piece of work of getting to know each other – which sometimes may economize you not only days but also weeks and months of searches and dating. Imagine as the 30-second search saves you so much time! On the top sites that we consider below, all such pre-filtering is possible. In addition to it, the profiles of the girls that you find will tell you more about each girl in a free-form text, which is already tuned at telling about a person who is registered specifically to find another half here.

Russian mail order brides’ facts

  1. Mail order brides have been here for centuries. The movement itself began in the 1600s when the first colonists in the US were moving to new places searching for a better life and claiming lands. They lacked women harshly and many women from more developed areas who did not mind sharing their lives with such colonists started moving to them to be their wives. After the steam engine was developed, the movement started to grow with much higher temps than it was just with horses and carriages. With the occurrence of the Internet, marriages transformed. Now women are moving from poorer territories and countries to richer ones. 
  2. Today, roughly 25% of all international mail order brides are Russians. The first place is taken by Asian brides (the Philippines are leaders many years). Somewhere close to them are Latin American brides, like from Brazil and Colombia.
  3. You aren’t actually ‘buying’ a bride. Despite the fact that money is involved as you pay some fees to the international marriage agencies to make them find a partner to you (and it is the case that some dowry may be required by the family of your Russian bride to be paid upon taking her from her home), there is no such a scheme when you pay money to have a Russian mail order bride delivered to your door. This is just the marriage of two adult people being in the relations and doing actions based on their own free will. 
  4. There is more than just an escape for women. They do not wish to leave their country just for the sake of leaving. They may have established lives there, as well as education and work. But they do search for men, who would take care of them much better and more than it would happen in their city and country. And they are in search of a better future for themselves, as the level of payment at their job is 20-50-1,000 times lesser than they would have in the civilized society of economically developed countries, where thousands of other women like them find their happiness every year. 
  5. International marriages in the rate of success are greater than the other marriages are. The couple formed as the result of international marriage lives on average longer together and has fewer divorce rates. It is just statistics.
  6. To meet first is normal. Surely, nobody wants to accept blind wedding and so, when you date online after you will have several hours, days, or weeks in chatting and even visual conversations through Skype or site’s internal system of video chat with each other, it is normal to meet in person. For this, you can come to her country or she can come to yours. If she comes to you then it is considered a normal practice to buy her a plane ticket. 
  7. Consider that there may be a language barrier – as too few single Russian women speak English at a sufficient level.

How to find real Russian brides?

Below, we are considering 5 dating sites, from which you should start to meet a Russian bride. website for marriage

This site is known worldwide and it has one of the largest databases of people from all over the world. It is a popular place for women to find husbands, as well as it is hugely successful for men to find the ladies of their dreams. It only takes one or two minutes to complete the registration, entering your initial data:

After the registration, you should complete the data of your profile to receive a much better response rate and to see lists of Russian ladies (as you wouldn’t want to answer somebody without specific data or pictures in the profile, right?). Attach nice pictures of you – having them is essential in further success. 

Also, to stay connected, you are prompted to install the phone app – communication in such a case becomes possible 24/7. 

Just a few quick pieces of stats about site to find a hookup and love

If you seek women from post-USSR aged from 18 to 40+, they are on this site. This site is yet not so popular as and that is why not several thousand but several hundreds of girls are online in any given point of time (there are thousands of them only as the business hours of the day start – so it is okay if you see like 2,000 women online during lunch). The reply rate is still high, 91%, and the user rating is 9.1 out of 10. 

The site is mostly focused on Russian and Ukrainian beauties. The database includes over 20 thousand women.

To do the registration, a man is prompted to answer a few simple questions:

  1. How does he feel about a woman making the first step?
  2. What ages of women does he seek?
  3. How does he feel about finding Russian & Ukrainian wives?

After the answers are processed by this Russian dating site, a man sees the registration form with such data:

After it, you can proceed with your searches of a Russian wife from the database. Consider that some actions on this site are paid. wonderful website

The registration here is the same as on the other dating sites, with approximately the same amounts of girls online at any time, reply rate, and user rating. This site is more for frivolous relations, as here you are going to find less beautiful Russian girls desiring marriage and kids and more women who’d like to have a hookup and sex. But all in all, if you are not too lucky at other matchmaking sites, you can try to find your date here. is your choice if you’re looking for remarkable beauties

The number of girls online is nearly the same as in And this site with Russian brides photos is another gateway for your attempts if you haven’t found your luck on any other site on our list. You will love easy registration, fast and easy search based on essential criteria, and many opportunities to find a decent girl who dreams about a happy marriage and having children. is the site where models dwell

This database of Russian brides differs a bit from all other sites for dating. There is no automated verification of a profile. After the registration, your primary entered data is passed to the client managing team, which manually approves every profile before sending the verification letter at the indicated e-mail. This makes the entire population of the site protected from fake profiles.

Why do Russian women wanna be brides of foreign citizens?

The list of reasons can be generalized as follows:

  1. Economical reasons. She wants to receive a better salary, a decent one for decent efforts from her side. If she is not planning to work in a new country, then she is looking for a husband, who could give her a chance to live in a good house and have better nutrition, social contacts, raising the mutual children not in poverty, in a country, where stability is everything, as well as in a place where the law is dominant, not optional.
  2. The future for her children. She wants to plan an observable future and to make it clear that she will have enough money for a decent education, and that she is able to select a nice private school and great college – the things, which nearly all Russians lack in their country.
  3. The absence of discrimination and better people around. Everyone who has a chance to compare the attitude of people in Russia and in any English-speaking country, immediately notice a complete difference in the way how people act and behave. Russia is a forest full of wolves, where everyone wants to eat you each second. The US, for instance, is a great nation, where people are open, supportive, and generous, and they have created a civilization, not a bite-and-kill environment. 

Why Russian brides consider moving abroad?

In addition to what we have just said, there are reasons of humanity. It is not always easy to find a nice and caring man in Russia or other post-soviet countries. A lot of women stay in their native land because of impossibility of obtaining another choice, so they, eventually, have to either deal with the situation and choose the best from the worst, which is plentiful in their country, or to consider moving abroad and to choose from the best – as these people live in English-speaking economically developed countries. 

Why Russian girls are beneficial for foreign men?

In return for a better quality of life and chances for their children, Russian wives are ready to give a lot to foreign men, their husbands:

  1. Warmth in everything, attitude’s first. They are ready to love you and support you, being humble and not asking too much in return.
  2. Running the house. It is common that women in Russia learn how to run the household from the very childhood. If you find some woman who doesn’t know how to cook, do the laundry and dishwashing, and as well as keeping the house clean – she is not from Russia or she is extremely lazy. The only thing, which is not common for all Russian mail order brides, is to know gardening (because a lot of them live in flats and don’t have flowers in pods on windowsills). So, Russian mail order brides are perfect housewives.

Russian women are prone to marriage and having kids

Raising children is important for a Russian mail order bride. She is going to take care of kids with high attention and will be a part of their lives substantially. You won’t have to hire anyone to groom and keep them in well-being, as your potential Russian bride is ready to handle everything. 

Education of children

As not everyone in Russia is able to receive a decent higher education, and the system of education differs at all substances from the one in the UK and especially in the US, granting a great education for the children that you will have together with your Russian girl is one of the most important assignments for your spouse. Despite the high literacy of the Russian population (which is often widely advertized by Russians themselves), the quality of their education is quite low and though obtaining college degrees by nearly everyone, most of them even unaware about 1 or 2 additional digits after 3.14 of the π, the Archimedes’ constant. On the contrary, your Russian woman is going to strive to give quality education to her offspring, which will allow them to find a nice job with great yearly income. 

Taking care of their life and interests

Being a huge part of children’s lives is what Russian wives do. They at all times wish to become best friends to their children if they do not have to worry about being on work on a daily basis. Given that a husband will provide money to the house, she will be happy to do everything needed to make the children groomed and well-fed. As she is devoted to her continuation, which she sees in children, this is something that you gain for no additional cost in your Russian mail order bride.

Is finding legit Russian brides costs you a lot?

As the issue of price is of interest to any user more or less, we have to say that engaging in the process of searching for the right Russian lady is not a free thing. You will pay fees to the agencies, the sites of which you are using, and some separate actions may cost additional money, like exchanging contacts out of the site’s scope or arranging a meeting in real life. So, you can count at several thousand dollars to find the woman of your dreams – but you will be happy for the rest of your life!

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